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What is ActiveLoad Lookup?

You need real time information to efficiently run your business. CST provides you with a web portal to help you do this. Our drivers are constantly updating your load information (through hand held data transmissions directly to our servers) as they progress through your moves. You can view this information anytime by using ActiveLoad Lookup. 

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The first step is to contact CST to request a user name and password. We "attach" either a location or billing code to your reports. For instance, if you are a consignee and want to see the loads we are delivering to you, we would attach your delivery address to the report. If you are a billing party and want to see the status of the loads that you have given us, we would attach your billing code to the report. We can help you decide which is best for your needs. Multiple codes can be attached to your reports if you have more than one location.

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There are two basic reports. Container Visibility and Bill To. If you are a consignee, you will most likely run the "Container Visibility Report". That report will show all of the loads coming to your location. The "Bill To" report will show the loads for which you will be invoiced. There is an "Enhanced" report that will show the information in a slightly different format. The main difference is that report includes reference numbers and loads that have completed in the last 3 days.

These reports presort your loads into categories and shows a recap of activity. This report can be very helpful when deciding which loads to schedule next.

All of our reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and saved to your PC. You must have a copy of Excel installed on your PC to view a report saved in this manner.

If you don't need the entire report and just want to see the information on a single container or reference number, this is the function you would run. You can also view the Container Search information by clicking on the blue hyperlinks on the web reports.


Why can't I see some of my loads?

ActiveLoad Lookup was created to allow customer access to information as long as the loads are "live" in our system. The information is visible from the time that the load is input into our system, through the delivery process and then up to the time that an invoice is created. The information will then drop off of the report after a certain number of days

I need to get information on a load delivered last week and can't?

An archived search function is being considered. In the meantime, please call or email our CSR's for that information.

What does the Current (last) Location show?

This is the last verified (completed) location of your container. It might show your load at one of our storage yards, at your location or at the termination point.

Why is the Current (last) Location blank on some loads on the report?

If the load has not been pulled from the rail, it would not have that portion completed and show blank. More information is available by clicking on the container number and checking the Container Search information on that load.


At CST, we are dedicated to finding a better way each and every day. Your feedback is important to us. If you have any suggestions or comments on our ActiveLoad Lookup solution, please contact your CST sales representative or send an e-mail to CSTsupport@forwardair.com